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On Kailey Spivey by Meagan Roper

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Article to be published in the LU Commuter Newsletter:

Kailey Spivey spends every Saturday morning with a bunch of excited and rowdy children.

“Can we sing the ABCs again?” She asks a four year old girl clinging to her finger, walking through the low-income neighborhood of Birchwood in downtown Lynchburg.

Kailey is not a mom or a babysitter. Kailey is a commuter student at Liberty University who likes to dance and hang out with friends. She just happens to have a passion for reaching the lost.

Kailey is the site leader at Birchwood. She is a part of CampusSERVE, a community service ministry that consistently goes out on Saturday mornings to fulfill the Great Commission through showing Christ’s love.

“It helps us get out of the Liberty bubble and fulfill the missions calling in our own community,” Kailey said. “That way we’re not just receiving from Liberty but we’re also pouring back into people in the community as well.”

Kailey started CampusSERVE during her second semester at Liberty, and has been a leader at Birchwood for a year now.

“I instantly fell in love with it. The best part is developing relationships with kids so that they expect you to be there every week.” It is these relationships, says Kailey, that allow students to make connections with the families they serve and share with them in incredible ways.

Two weeks ago on a Saturday morning at Birchwood, two of the regular kids walked away from the group during the weekly lesson. Kailey followed them over to the swings where they were sitting off by themselves.

“Are you okay?” She asked Amara, 3.

“I miss my daddy,” the little one replied. She explained that he was in jail and she wouldn’t get to see him for a long time. The other little girl, Destiny, 7, said that her father was also in prison.

Kailey responded by sharing some of her testimony, and explaining that God is our Heavenly Father, and He never goes away. Amara hugged Kailey and prayed an earnest three-year-old prayer:

“God, will you come around me and be my daddy?”

Another boy came and joined their group, sharing that he too has an absent father.

“The four of us prayed together,” Kailey said. “I asked God to make himself real to her.”

Moments like these are the goal of CampusSERVE. “If I didn’t have a relationship with those girls they wouldn’t have said that to me. It’s a continual going that builds those relationships.”

This summer Kailey plans to spend a month in Costa Rica, doing the same ministry she does in Birchwood—building relationships with families and sharing the love of Christ with those who don’t know Him. Kailey is graduating in 2010, majoring in psychology.

CampusSERVE has a blog where you can view photos and read stories about the incredible things God is doing in Lynchburg. To find out more about CampusSERVE, check out the blog at or email


Author: campusserve

a six year CampusSERVE volunteer and current director

One thought on “On Kailey Spivey by Meagan Roper

  1. dude… God is so good. this is awesome stuff. no doubt.

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