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50 Days of Unbroken Prayer (vol. 1)

This past weekend we talked about 50 Days of Unbroken Prayer at CampusSERVE.  Two things today stand out to me:

First, check out this Sojourners’ article from Shane Claibourne and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove.  You may be familiar or unfamiliar with the authors, but that’s not the point.  The article is entitled “50 Ways to Love Your Neighbor” and my favorite line from the article says, “We’re all for getting together to say prayers … but we’re also challenged by the ways scripture stirs us to become the answer to our prayers.”  This is not an action against prayer, but a proclemation of involvement when our warn out knees raise from the floor and the tears are wiped from our messy eyes and our hearts feel burdened for people in prayer.  Try being the answer to your own prayer.  Do you think God will be mad about that?

Second, tonight @1:00AM I’ll be doing an hour shift with Rachel for 50 Days Unbroken.  I will NOT be twittering my experience.  Instead, I will be retreating from media involvement and I will be praying for you all.  I will be praying that (1) we will seek our God more and more, (2) that He will show us our weaknesses where He is strong, and (3) that we will fall in love with people and start to like them.

Stay tuned for more 50 Days Unbroken updates.  Love to hear about your experiences with Unbroken.  Leave a comment.


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CampusSERVE Update

Hey all CampusSERVE followers,

It’s been awhile since we’ve updated what’s going on with CampusSERVE this year.  The last two weeks have been dynamic.  Namely, we’ve been a part of the Spring Clean-up, 8th Street Baptist Health Fair, and the Birchwood Barbecue.  Honestly, these are just the events that were publicized.

In addition, hundreds of LU students took their time to do something huge.  It’s called consistency.  The common and the ordinary are where God has come through to make us part of real change.  We continue to follow Him, He radically changes lives through Jesus.  It’s transformational work that we cannot do.  Our hands take this work to our community.

Thank you people.  We’re continuing to improve.  If you have any comments please let us know.  Your voice is valuable, seriously.