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1st response: “What’s Twitter?!”
answer: & click the RED button

2nd response: “That’s ridiculous, twitter is useless…”
answer: & remember that someone thought it necessary to make this video

3rd response: “Cool, I’ll follow you!”

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Check Out CampusSERVE This Summer

After a brief web posting break in May, CampusSERVE is back for the rest of the summer. We’ll be freqeuently uploading other web content or links or video or article to get your opinion on the things being said or taught.

I read many blogs, magazines, and newspapers online in order to stay in touch with what’s being discussed and which issues are raising attention and concern. Some of these news sources I don’t completely agree with and they cause more grief than growth. I’ll be including some of those too.

The key to this: IT BECOMES A BETTER DIALOGUE WHEN YOU COMMENT! Comment about what you think, even if it’s just something short. Let’s start a healthy conversation about things that matter to us at CampusSERVE.

Our first try: I saw this today from and thought you all might have some things to say about it:

THE SHOW – for May 19, 2009 – Guest Matt Carter from Todd Rhoades on Vimeo.

DONT’ FORGET TO LEAVE A COMMENT! Agree, disagree, how can CampusSERVE use this info?