Introducing students to the city. Introducing the city to Jesus.

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Kevin an OK Homeless Guy

Is Kevin one-in-a-million (which was my first impression) or is he what we may find if we had relationships with the homeless in Lynchburg?

Anyone know what it’s like to establish a relationship with a homeless woman/man and to see how God uses it?  If you have a relationship with a homeless person does that compel you to only think about how you can physically provide for that person?



Faith in Public Life

How does this video challenge your thinking of ideological language and faith-based communication?

FPL claims to be an organization that claims to be, “… a strategy center advancing faith in the public square as a positive and unifying force for justice, compassion and the common good” (

How is the balance between “unifying rhetoric” in faith life and “unifying actions” by followers of Jesus in our city? Are we doing well?  Where should we be doing better?

What do you think about the challenge of the interviewer about a better definition of “faith”? Is unifying rhetoric still essential even if the Evangelical Christian Right is not the one controlling the conversation?

Follow this link for video from The Washington Post

*sorry about the link, the embeded video would not work

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Every now and then I stumble upon an idea that seems to have hints of something beyond brilliance that connects deep within me.  The Divine Presence is settled deep, but it jumps at the chance of discovering new things.  Today, the Divine Presence was seen clearly in this website by author Josh Brown.

Fotogojee (read about the name of the site on the home page) is a simple – but not banal or shallow – look at “Images on Authentic Spirituality.” Some of these images were captured and explained by the author and characters on the site, but the open ended option of submitted one’s own image of authentic spirituality is a nice treat and an invitation to conversation by the author.  I’m sure Josh would be more comfortable calling this an invitation to “share your story:”

click on the image to engage in the fotogojee story
click on the image to engage in the fotogojee story

*I just found out about Fotogojee today, there is no intentional connection between Foto CampusSERVE and Fotogojee – at least not by the two authors.