Introducing students to the city. Introducing the city to Jesus.


Announcements 10/31/09

Happy Halloween!  The following announcements were made this morning:

HELP NEEDED: tutor kids afterschool and help unemployed search for job opportunities on computers in the Community Center.  3:00p – 5:00p | Sandy Hawn 434-485-7209 of LHRA | Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays

CHILD EVANGELISM FELLOWSHIP of LIBERTY UNIVERSITYnew ministry organization forming | inaugural meeting:  November 4th @ 3:00p in DeMoss 1075 | “CEF of LU is focused on training and engaging students in the ministry of presenting the Good News of Jesus Christ to children locally, statewide, urban centered, and globally.”

This semester if you took anyone from CampusSERVE to SCAREMARE or a Liberty Football game, please write a thank you note to the following:
SCAREMARE: Dr. Vandegriff (Center for Youth Ministry)
LU Football: Joseph Rixon (LU tickets)
You may drop off all thank you notes to me in the Career Center or take them to the appropriate department on campus.


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Directions to Tree of Life for Tonight

Tonight from 5:00p-9:00p at Tree of Life Ministries there is a festival with blow ups, games, candy, etc. Here are the directions:

460 West

Get off at Airport/Greenview exit and turn right

Go straight through the light at Leesville Rd.

Tree of Life Ministries is on the left before you get to Timberlake Rd.

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SCAREMARE | Thursday 10/29 | CampusSERVE volunteers $3 with LU ID, kids get in FREE


One Stipulation: SCAREMARE staff has requested that we spend a couple of bucks on the vendors. But some pizza, hot cocoa, etc. to support the event.


Recent Comments on Twitter about SCAREMARE:

@smalls4scottie Holy crap at scaremare. Scary as i don’t know what.

@nicoletarmon Food cures car sickness. Now what cures middle schoolers from being loud in a contained space? Next stop scaremare.

@cynical_stoic : scaremare. w00t!

@jrwalters Heres a Scaremare update: 3065 people came through the house tonight and 307 got saved. Praise the Lord because he is doing amazing things.

@JohnnieM …So impressed with Scaremare this year. Great job everyone!

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Crazy Ideas

CampusSERVE leaders have crazy ideas.  You need crazy ideas in order to stay sane, ironic.

From time to time we need to try crazy things.  One crazy idea is developing a micro-economics sustained service project in Lynchburg. Crazy, it may not work.

I think that’s the point of crazy ideas.  Sometimes they don’t work but they move us closer to the chance of it working.  People that make inventions probably try lots of crazy things before hitting it big. And, others that develop great business models probably had fragmented dreams laying open still before abandoning all in pursuit of the one that worked.  I cannot expect all of them to work.

Insert FAITH.

Jesus had crazy ideas. He founded a Kingdom on them… the only Kingdom to have never fallen.

Reference Matthew 6 for lots of crazy ideas, but they also work.

God, please use our crazy ideas.  Mold us to think crazy ideas like you did.  Teach us to find great insight, conviction, and action in the midst of our crazy idea.