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Crazy Ideas

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CampusSERVE leaders have crazy ideas.  You need crazy ideas in order to stay sane, ironic.

From time to time we need to try crazy things.  One crazy idea is developing a micro-economics sustained service project in Lynchburg. Crazy, it may not work.

I think that’s the point of crazy ideas.  Sometimes they don’t work but they move us closer to the chance of it working.  People that make inventions probably try lots of crazy things before hitting it big. And, others that develop great business models probably had fragmented dreams laying open still before abandoning all in pursuit of the one that worked.  I cannot expect all of them to work.

Insert FAITH.

Jesus had crazy ideas. He founded a Kingdom on them… the only Kingdom to have never fallen.

Reference Matthew 6 for lots of crazy ideas, but they also work.

God, please use our crazy ideas.  Mold us to think crazy ideas like you did.  Teach us to find great insight, conviction, and action in the midst of our crazy idea.


Author: campusserve

a six year CampusSERVE volunteer and current director

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