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Why? by Tim Milazzo

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As I was thinking to myself, “why do I go to out into the community every Saturday?” I started listing possibilities in my head:

– Because I want to make a difference in this community.

– Because I want to help people in the community who have needs.


Then, I realized something and my mode of thought switched gears. I do not go out on Saturdays because of any reason that starts with “Because I”. I go out on Saturdays because of God. I go out because God loves the people in this city. I am not the solution that anyone is looking for. I do not have any magic formula for life or enough resources to solve significant problems.

I want everyone to humbly realize this morning that we are some dust that God has blessed. We are as beggars that can tell other beggars where to find a bit of food. Our objective for CampusSERVE is this: Tell, no, show people that God loves them and yearns for their redemption.


Author: campusserve

a six year CampusSERVE volunteer and current director

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