Introducing students to the city. Introducing the city to Jesus.

CampusSERVE Summary 11/7/09


CampusSERVE kickoff happened outside the 2nd CFAW weekend of the semester.

One of my favorite memories of the weekend was this shot from The Meadows:

meadows 11-7

I arrived at The Meadows and overheard the Gospel being shared and them praying together there.  Praise the Lord for the encouragement He gives us on tough days.

Here’s another picture of small groups happening at Greenfield this weekend.

greenfield 11-7

Here are the rest of the happenings around CampusSERVE this weekend:

BIRCHWOOD – Danielle

“Everything went really well at Birchwood today.  It was a typical Saturday with footballs games, b-ball, jump-roping, side-walk chalk, crafts and all that fun stuff.  With the beautiful weather we had a good number of kids come out and also had a Bible lesson shared by some of the Liberty guys. We had some good conversations with some of the kids and enjoyed sweet fellowship.”


“It turned out to be such a beautiful day, so we had well over fifty children come out. All of the students were very eager to minister to the community; one guy wants to fix up the playground by getting new swing seats and chains, so we’re going to call the office this coming week to get their permission.

So far this semester we’ve been tight on car space, but we had plenty of room this week – I was even able to take Tyrek and Tyshawn back to the rot for lunch! Ben, who was helping me out for the day, was able to talk to a gentleman who kept saying how much of a blessing we were to the community. Overall, it was a great Saturday!”


“Today at College Hill was great…  We started something called “teachable moments”, where a student interacts one on one with a child and uses their time with them as their opportunity to grow a personal relationship with them and teach them about Christ.

Also today we were excited to have two children accept Christ! One of the girls, Amia, said the prayer a student had her repeat then she wrote it out for her to have which was pretty cool. We were also started thinking of ways as a group how we would become more involved in the teenagers in College Hill.”


“Today at Dearington we got to talk about the most important message in the world—the Gospel.  Students sat down in small groups with children and began telling them the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection.  Kids answered questions about the meaning of salvation and some heard about the resurrection for the first time.  One of the volunteers brought her sister, who was here for College for a Weekend, and she was able to share her faith with a child.

‘Moose’, a six year old boy, told one of our volunteers today that she needed to listen to the devil because if she didn’t, the devil would kill her.  She was able to talk to him about the power of Jesus Christ and tell him why she listens to Jesus.  This was a reminder to me that God has called us to this community for reasons like this—He wants to show His power and transform lives, in the process freeing people from lies just like this one.

One of the students began making grass necklaces for the kids.  I told nine year old Toronzo that I really liked his necklace.  He said thank you, took it off, and told me I could have it.  I was blessed by this simple act of giving.”

YODER – Alyssa

“I was so glad that we were able to pass out [service] flyers to the community this weekend! We broke into five groups of two people and went door to door. I asked the teams to really try to have conversations with the community, to ask them what their needs are, and to see what they think we can be doing for the community.

I paired up with a guy named Paul Cameron. He encouraged me so much with how bold for Christ he was as he explained our purpose in the community and he was very charismatic as well. He charmed all the older ladies I’m sure 🙂

Every team had positive feedback when we got back. A few of us groups received a lot of requests for little jobs to be done like raking a lawn or putting up Christmas lights. It’s really exciting because we can use these jobs to form relationships!”


“… I ended up having several students go visit Ms. Toni to just talk to her, and had the rest pair almost one on one with kids for the craft and activity, so everything ended up running pretty smoothly.

We taught the kids this week to love others through our actions and not only through our words, and the memory verse was 1 John 3:18, and for the craft and activity we had the kids write letters to people they knew, probably even those they were having fights with, saying nice things and telling them they loved them… some of them were already talking about what they were going to do for my challenge them (to go out of their way to love someone else through their actions this week), and the kids side of things went well.

We are still working at reaching the families and some of the older kids, however, and we continue to be down in numbers as far the kids go, but God is continuing to move at The Meadows!”


“Respond went really well today. Jeff (head of our helps part) got to go out with another guy and help this older lady move some stuff. In Greenfield Kylee and Krystal and Sam Stevens tried to see Marquita and Bianca again but they weren’t there.

They and some other groups found some new contacts that could use some prayer and attention. A lady named Ms. Tina came over to our group before we had set out and said that we, as in CampusSERVE, were really encouraging to her and she felt blessed every time we come….

I got to talk to Venney a good amount and really got to reiterate the Gospel to him and this time he wasn’t drunk, so that definitely helped. Overall it was really good, and we are all looking forward to next week!”

THE OAKS  – Samantha

“We have someone new at the Oaks who transferred from the Summit. I talked to the family and they really love of what we do at the nursing home.It was awesome hearing how people appreciate us coming out.

We sing a few hymns before we leave there because the folks at the Oaks love it. We are always asked if we are going to sing. It is awesome to see the smiles on the folks.”


“Jimmy Phillips, who comes every week, brought a guy from the neighborhood to church this morning. I met the mother of a couple of kids for the first time this weekend. Alot of people in Langview are looking for jobs from what I can gather, including Russ still (the guy who rides the bike).

I was with Sam on Monday, a 17 year old kid that had a job interview the next day, but he wasn’t home yesterday and his cell phone plan ran out, so I’m not sure how that went yet. We have zeroed in on a couple of the Ten Commandments in our lessons recently, and today taught forgiveness.”


“I became a little more nervous when there was only four guys. Thankfully three more showed up at the site.

Hope came out to take pictures and was able to reconnect with the family we ministered to last week. When Hope came two years ago her and some friends had a baby shower for the lady, Jessica. Hope got to talk to them a lot and met Sophia who is almost two now. It was really cool to see… In the end, God was good and made things run so much smoother than I imagined.”


Author: campusserve

a six year CampusSERVE volunteer and current director

6 thoughts on “CampusSERVE Summary 11/7/09

  1. @Dearington: Moose actually sat down (a feat in itself) when a LU student tried to teach the lesson to him and a few other kids on a slide. He wanted to sit at the top so I went up to sit with him and took the opportunity for some one-on-one time and he listened! We also prayed together. It was great b/c in over 3 years at Dearington I don’t think I’ve ever seen Moose sitting.

    I still remember Moose on my shoulders as he repeated the alphabet after me, 3 years ago!

  2. Thank you to Danielle and anyone else who goes to Dearington and loves on Toronzo. He was my favorite from 2003-2007. We spent many long afternoons together and I was able to watch him transform from an angry, kicking and screaming four year old into a child who loves God. I couldn’t sleep the other night because I couldn’t stop thinking about him, so I googled campus serve to see if anyone had posted pictures or had updates. This filled my heart with joy. Next week tell him Hilary says hi and she loves him.

  3. Adam and Hilary. Thank you both for your long-term commits to Dearington! This site has such a great history with people that have gone before and playing a beautiful part in ministering to these families. I was talking to Brett Clubb last night (former site leader @ Dearington) and he mentioned some of his memories and stories.
    Hilary, your story especially is comforting knowing that others are still praying for our community.
    Adam, love the story. Comforting to see improvements! Both your stories reminded me of these verses from Jesus in John 4 as he talks to his disciples outside Samaria at the well:

    “Already he who reaps is receiving wages and is gathering fruit for life eternal; so that he who sows and he who reaps may rejoice together. For in this case the saying is true, `One sows and another reaps.’ I sent you to reap that for which you have not labored; others have labored and you have entered into their labor.”

    Thank you again for your sowing as other now reap.

  4. Hey Hilary!

    Today I mentioned your name to Toronzo and he said “Hilary? My best friend?”. =) His face lit up as I told him that you had a special message for him-that you said hi and you love him. He wants you to know that he loves and misses you a lot! He has grown up to be a kindhearted and helpful boy.

    As Kevin mentioned, we are so incredibly blessed at Dearington to have the legacy of people like you (and Adam!) who invested countless hours into the lives of these kids and families. We now get the privilege of loving on kids like Toronzo and reaping what you have faithfully sown.

    God certainly used those long afternoons with Toronzo-now he can tell me all about Jesus and what Jesus means to him. We are all so encouraged by your story as we continue to invest in a new bunch of screaming four year olds.

    Thank you Hilary!

  5. I cannot tell you all how glad I am to read this newsletter! I served 2004-2007, overlapped with Hilary, and yes I can echo the same as Hilary. I often think of these children and families and it is wonderful to know that after a few years they are still eager and God is continuously moving in the community. I often would wonder how everyone was doing and wondered how i could ever hear how they are, and now there is a newsletter…awesome!!!
    I cannot help but ask how Tawanda is. that girl cracked me up. i would call her burrito. I’m guessing she might be in 8th grade now?? wow! so if anyone that serves now and sees her tell her Emily says hi and give her a BIG hug for me. I’m not sure how my name appears on here, but my maiden name is Bacon. so not many people forget that last name! 🙂 Keep up the great work at Dearington! And please continue to leave more stories of the children that are being impacted, it is so encouraging to read, after years of service prior. I think my heart will forever be with those children.

  6. Hey Emily!

    It’s awesome to know that you are still thinking about Dearington and all the families you impacted there.

    I am almost positive that Tawanda is in eighth grade. We haven’t seen her a lot this semester but you’re right, she’s great =). We will definitely relay the message to Tawanda next time we see her.

    Brandon and I have both been praying about ways we can minister to the older kids. Please keep us in your prayers as we brainstorm with our team.

    Thanks for your encouragement!

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