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Why Help-Portrait?

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Why CampusSERVE is participating:

Fall 2009, CampusSERVE leadership began to explore how we can serve while not robbing dignity from those whom we love.  Have you ever had a friend that never lets you buy them a drink?  They serve you constantly and never let you return the favor?

These friendships do not work. They are one-way relationships. These relationships rob the served of an essential human relationship value – exchange.

Relationships grow deeper when the serving and the served exchange in something together.  One-way service cannot restore dignity. In order to be effective servants of Jesus Christ, we must creatively pursue avenues of exchange. Help-Portrait is an exchange of dignity/portraits for relationships/conversation/participation.

We need volunteers to be encourages, conversationalists, transporters, promoters, and specific volunteers. The community gives us participation in this event and friendships with us to follow-up on with CampusSERVE and we partner to give them a family/individual portrait and VIP treatment.

Two-fold commitment needed from you:

  1. Monday, January 25 from 7:00p – 8:00p
  2. If you need a ride Monday meet at the Prayer Chapel on campus @ 6:30p to leave by 6:40p.
  3. Saturday, February 6 from 10:00a – 4:00p [sign up for a 2-hr time block or all day]

Location of both events – 8th & Commerce, downtown Lynchburg:

For more info on Help-Portrait:


Author: campusserve

a six year CampusSERVE volunteer and current director

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