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Weather Report, Jan 30

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Rain, shine, or blizzard, CampusSERVE is on.


Author: campusserve

a six year CampusSERVE volunteer and current director

One thought on “Weather Report, Jan 30

  1. Today was AWESOME!

    The laundry room idea was amazing. Volunteers who didn’t make connections with families (about 4) were given the quarters and verse bags to give to people in the laundry mat. Sam and I spoke with them and emphasized how it isn’t supposed to be a charity, but a way to break the ice and show them the love of Christ. The volunteers who went came back ecstatic! They want to do it again next Saturday. I think some of our volunteers just work better one-on-one.

    One girl in particular (Lauren) was so happy when a lady at Greenfield just opened up to her about how she had been raped and how although she’s a Christian, she’s struggling in her relationship with God. Lauren is planning to go into Counseling, and she was amazed with how God is opening up her eyes and teaching her (through Campus Serve) how to truly love people without judging them. She had expected (subconciously) that most of the people at Greenfield would not be Christians, but all she met were professed Christians. Sam and I kind of advised her to always act in love and ASK deep questions about what they think salvation is to make sure they aren’t trying to EARN their way to heaven (“Christians”) but understand God’s grace and sacrifice on the cross. Our volunteers are so great and faithful!

    They all came back telling me their High’s and Low’s in the Rot. They really felt like they were making an impact today.

    Today, I got to work with Kylee and Dave. Both my and Kylee’s families were unavailable, so we just started talking to people hanging at the steps. There was one lady in particular who was truly receptive. She had a little son about 3, and I told David that I was so grateful how he took it upon himself to play with the boy. He definitely paved the way for us to have Sierra’s undivided attention. Kylee and I got the chance to help Sierra see that salvation isn’t baptism or works, but God’s grace through our faith in Christ. She was so receptive, and we prayed with her. God is truly making headway in Greenfield.

    I did get to see Bianca, and she was so disappointed that we are leaving for 3 months during the summer. Her phone is off, but I did get her mailing address. I will write her and include a stamp for her to write back every time. It’s so important for us to be consistent even when we’re away. Praise God for His faithfulness in giving us ideas and creative ways to handle diff situations. This perhaps is a good idea to tell the Volunteers for when they get ready to leave this summer (contacting by letters, text, or phone).

    Another thing that I thank God for is the “pep” talk I gave before we “dispersed.” I told them that when they get nervous to go back to “Home Base,” which is their testimony. If they felt awkward or couldn’t think of something to say to break the ice, they could talk about how God changed their lives and use that to ASK QUESTIONS and get the other person to talk. God uses our inadequacies to bring Himself glory. And that’s just what He did today.

    Campus Serve is amazing… we just gotta come prepared to do one thing and READY to do another if the Holy Spirit leads us to do otherwise. Overall, I thank God for this encouraging Saturday.

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