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CampusSERVE Summary – 1/30/10

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Even in SNOW – we have the best volunteers at CampusSERVE.  Almost 80 people went out with us this weekend in the snow and their stories are below.  Keep up to the minute with us by following on twitter here: or join our Facebook group here:

Langview | Tim | 1/30

I discovered a saddening piece of information this morning as well. [Name Removed], who I have been getting to know a bit over the last year (the guy that rides the bike), apparently left his family this week. I asked the 6 year old girl where he was, and she responded, “He’s not coming back here no more.” This is a really rough situation, as that family of 3 girls under 14 have been left by multiple father figures (they all have different fathers).

Also, I was urging a couple of 6-7 year-olds to go inside because of the cold when we were going to leave, but they weren’t allowed because people were having sex on the couch (it was about 15 degrees out and the kids were not properly equipped to be outside).

The only positive I really have from this morning is that we told some people about the Help-Portrait, and had a couple of good conversations.

God is still good. This was a rough morning.

College Hill | Grace | 1/30

CampusSERVE was cold today. One girl came out to play, and we ended taking her back because she was wearing a sweatshirt only. We got downtown and really shocked people by our presence. We handed out hot chocolate packets and fruit snacks to people on the street and in their homes. And some groups were even invited enjoy the hot chocolate with families : ).

We talked about Help-Portrait and people sounded really interested. Scott and I are going back down to College Hill this Wednesday to make sure everyone knows about the event and has all the information that they need.

Huge prayer request: Some LU students have been able to really build relationship with a woman and her kids this past semester. She used to live in greenfield and is really skeptical of CampusSERVE. She let Jared and Cathrine into her home today and told them her story and her most pressing needs. It was a huge answer to pray. She told us that she unfortunately passed an STD to her one year old daughter who is going to pretty much need extensive treatment the rest of her life and it is expensive. So just pray, that God would really give us wisdom and discernment on how we can meet her needs- physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

[Editor’s note: do we have the audacity to believe God will answer this? Let’s pray to that end. “It’s so powerful to think that CampusSERVE’s ministry is God’s answer to so many people’s prayers in this city.”]

Yoder | Alyssa | 1/30

I was thankful that you asked us to question our motives this morning, Kevin. Thank you for that reminder! So, Deidre, Kendra, and Kevin Ng showed up for Yoder and I was thankful for them. I caught a ride with Grace this morning to CampusSERVE because my parents told me that I wasn’t allowed to drive , so we didn’t have a car at our site… Kevin went to another site, Kendra and De stayed and prayed and I went to College Hill with Grace.  It was nice to see Gracie and Scott and work and see what their site is like.

Greenfield | Elisa | 1/30

While initially I regretted even venturing out into the snow because of the road conditions, the seven of us that showed up were able to pass out plenty of Help-Portrait fliers to friends and strangers alike. Interestingly enough, four out of the seven of us were new to CampusSERVE and I’m hoping that their diligence in coming on one of the most inclement days will carry over to the rest of the semester. I was able to see a few of my favorite kids including Nasir who proves to be either our best and/or worst behaved kid each Saturday. He was as sweet as can be today; the poor thing is probably just staved for attention!

Brookside | Jaci | 1/30

Yesterday six of us made it out to Brookside and when we got there only a few people were out. Rich helped shovel for a lady and I played with her son C.J. The others knocked on doors and handed out fliers. In the end we had about 8-10 kids come out and play. We had a fun time packing down snow and sliding down in trash bags!

Alexis, who is 10, came over and told me that her mom thought we were crazy for coming out, but was so thankful we did. She then invited all six of us into her house to eat some amazing pasta and garlic bread that she cooked for us. She also made us all hot chocolate. It was nice to be able to talk to her and get to know her. It was a great blessing to be able to go in the house and receive food and warmth.

Dearington | Danielle | 1/30

Corey, Nick and I drove to Dearington, unsure of what what might be happening there.  Would families be playing in the snow or would they be hiding out in their warm houses?  Everyone must have been warm because we walked into a ghost town.

We were able to connect with several families and tell them about Help-Portrait.  One single mom, Jessica was very excited about getting a picture with her four children before her son graduates in May.  One other mom had a huge smile on her face and replied “That’s wassup”.  =)

We met two new families and helped one of them dig their car out of the snow.  Corey and Nick also shoveled Ms. Atkinson’s walkway.  She was precious and requested prayer for herself and family.  I can’t wait to visit with her again.


Author: campusserve

a six year CampusSERVE volunteer and current director

One thought on “CampusSERVE Summary – 1/30/10

  1. It is such a blessing to hear everything that is going on at CampusSERVE. I miss you all terribly. Continue to do the work that God has called you all to do in the Lynchburg Community. With Him by your side you have all you need to be salt and light in a community that desperately needs to know of God’s love.

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