Introducing students to the city. Introducing the city to Jesus.

Helps – service in action

Helps was a vision started years ago in the College Hill community.  Students saw physical needs that needed to be met by more than a concerned comment.

This is a tangible ministry where hands can get dirty and obvious servant evangelism happens.  Students knock on a door, people answer.  If the family inside doesn’t need anything tangible at the moment they are asked about next week or the week after.  Regardless of details, every family is asked if they can be prayed for and with at that moment.  This is a key that unlocks the hearts of people.  It cannot stop at a service project, but it must be service in action.

Service projects that end without Jesus are merely a way to be involved.  Service projects that lead to life-long transformational change through a relationship with Jesus are a way to influence an entire community.

This group is not about guilt alleviation.  This group is about the new lives of people who have shed their bondage to sin and traded it for grace from the cross of Jesus.  The physical changes seen in service projects are only a metaphor for the spiritual changes that we pray and long for in the people we meet.


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