Introducing students to the city. Introducing the city to Jesus.

Care Sites

We believe that the lost and forgotten of Lynchburg are more often the elderly than and other demographic.  Why?  Perhaps the value of life or the frustration of a family or the lack of a family… we’re not convinced there is one reason.

What we are convinced of is that every person we meet has value whether they remember you from last week or not.  Every person has value whether they can talk back or not.  Every elderly person has value whether they are awake or not.

Formerly, CampusSERVE was active in other nursing homes and assisted living facilities.  Our students currently visit The Summit in Wyndhurst and The Oaks by E.C. Glass.  Students at The Summit are also creating and participating in a bi-weekly church service.  Mostly hymns but always Jesus, our leaders say that the contemporary songs throw the elderly off.  We stick to what they know.


2 thoughts on “Care Sites

  1. So today was an amazing day at the Oaks. The folks who are there are amazing and their faces light up when they see us come in. Some days they are waiting for us by the door to come in. It is the most amazing feeling to get this from the folks there.

    Just today one of the girls told me a story about a story of lady name Hazel, that her and I visit each Saturday. She began singing Jesus Loves Me and simultaneously Hazel began to join in. It was the first time in a while since we’ve visited the Oaks that we got the vibe that she was a believer. It is a difficult thing to assess with some folks because some are suffering with Alzheimer’s and dementia. With Hazel today we got a strong vibe that she is a believer and it is comforting to know this.

    Going the nursing is really difficult because we are spending precious moments and time with them before they are called to be with the Lord. I believe all the sites can face death, but the nursing home is a place where you walk in and you never know if the person you visited one week will be there the next week. And you pray that your visit impacted them drastically if they weren’t a believer.

    The staff at the Oaks are amazing. I think it takes a special person to work with the elderly. Even for us just visiting is hard, but as a staff member I can’t imagine being around it all the time. Staff are amazing people that can work around it all the time. They are truly a blessing to us as we are to them.

  2. Sam,

    I think you hit it right on the head. A “vibe” is definitely a positive sign and all that you can really hang on to with some of the people you meet. Rarely, do we get to witness an outward, verbal professional of faith from a resident. But, it has happened before at The Summit.

    To all those that love the elderly, please continue on. I was incredibly encouraged this week seeing the relationships that you’ve all built with individual residents. I met Hazel this week. She’s a precious and frail 97-year-old lady that seems more lonely in the midst of people than by herself. But, flipping back through her journal I got to see the pictures that students have drawn for, verses scribed between time stamps, and love notes from visits. Hazel is only one. There are many more.

    Until we see Him more than we do now,

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