Introducing students to the city. Introducing the city to Jesus.


Respond, formerly Commission, has long been entitled for the evangelism aspect of our Christ-centered walk.  There are obvious connections back to the final commission from Jesus to His disciples in Matthew 28.  However, we believe that a group that is “responding” to the entire commission will “teach them all that I have commanded you,” [vs. 20, italics added].

Students live out this commission in their lives, not in crafty evangelism tactics.  This requires that our students return to the same places that they’ve been, loving the same people they’ve loved.  Fully realizing our place in the active Kingdom of God is a key component to living out the rest of our days with an eternal view and an immediate commission.  This doesn’t happen in one sitting.

Respond is a good place for students who want to experience servant and relational evangelism moments, but it is not a place for evangelism without discipleship.

The greatest priviledge and commission we see through Respond is to see an individual repent and begin to live a transformed life in view of their place in the Kingdom of God.  Now that is living abundantly [John 10:10].


3 thoughts on “Respond

  1. “…but it is not a place for evangelism without discipleship.”

    Why would you disciple someone who hasn’t repented and put their trust in the savior? Don’t they need to be regenerated first?

    Was it maybe supposed to be, ” …but is not a place for evangelism without the opportunity people to begin discipleship once they have made a profession of faith.”?

    Maybe I am just confused. Could you straighten me out?


  2. Justin,

    I do see what you are saying here. My original statement was written sloppily where I used the term “evangelism” synonymously with the term “salvation.” These terms are not always synonymous, i.e. everyone who has the reconciling message of Jesus shared with them does not accept it as truth and repent of their disobedience to God then turn the other way.

    The meaning of the statement was to emphasize the disobedience of many Believers who will focus so hard on “winning” someone to Christ to only “lose” them afterward. I’ll assume that red flags just went up in your theology about my stance on eternal security. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about walls and walls of confusion that people have who I speaking to weekly. At the same time that we’re teaching people in this community about Jesus Christ, so are many Jehovah’s Witness missionaries and other practitioners of various pluralistic faith systems. In the mind of a new “convert,” who’s to judge who is correct? The one who visits Saturday morning or the one who visits Saturday night? If we leave them at the beginning, they’ll soon begin again somewhere else. I’ll let you judge whether or not that person “gets in.”

    So, the context of my original phrase “…but it is not a place for evangelism without discipleship,” was meant to emphasize the responsibility of those sharing their faith to completely share their faith – all of it, not just the regeneration part. Because, there are too many people that will claim the name of our Savior without having any idea about what it means. The responsibility of evangelism lies in walking with that person until you can’t take them any further. That’s evangelism with discipleship.


  3. Is campusServe every Saturday from September 4th?

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