Introducing students to the city. Introducing the city to Jesus.

City Sites

Our urban sites are often referred to as “kid sites.”  It’s true that our ministry often happens through the kids, but it cannot stop there.

In years past, we believed that by ministering to kids they would in turn influence their parents.  I do not think this is a wise judgment.  God can do that, but it is not the norm.  Radical influence in a family happens when God begins to open the hearts of the adults to conversations about Him and their eternal stance with Him.  These conversations have not happened by sending a son home that knows Ghetto Father Abraham or a girl that has a cross painted on her face.

Urban sites take full-involvement in the full family.  Students enter life changing conversations where the Holy Spirit opens the hearts of people when they invest in families outside the Saturday time slot.  Sometimes it’s help babysitting during the week.  Sometimes it’s a basketball/football game.  Sometimes it’s through meeting a physical need.  But, Saturday is where most families are introduced to students.  Think of Saturday as the gateway to relationships, or as an introduction to hurting people that don’t even know that they need what you have.  Note: what you have is not prosperity, it’s Jesus.  Tell them about Jesus.

List of urban sites:



College Hill




The Meadows



One thought on “City Sites

  1. Amen! We need to be intentional about impacting the WHOLE family using creative, fresh, and productive means! That will generate the most lasting change in these communities! *James 2:14-17*
    Keep serving!


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