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CampusSERVE Summary 10/31/09

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What happened this weekend at CampusSERVE?  Here, find out from our leaders:

Greenfield (Elisa)

I ended up being the only one who dressed up, but the kids loved it.  I had two favorite moments of the day:

1) I told little Darius that I went home last weekend and saw my mom and he said in surprise “You have a mom?!!”

2) I was giving the story to Nasir, explaining the origin of sin. I told him that everyone sins, even me, and with just as much surprise he asked, “You sin?!!”

The Meadows (Amanda)

We had over 40 volunteers who wanted to come to The Meadows. We sent several to Yoder, but we still ended up with 37.  It was alright though because we needed a lot of help to run the Carnival-type thing we were doing for Halloween. We had several awesome LU students who agreed to plan and provide everything for various stations.

We had a station where kids threw a football at a target, a station with apple cider and doughnuts :-), a station where the kids raced while trying to keep a cotton ball on the end of a straw, a station where kids threw ping pong balls into cups of food-colored water and won prizes according to the color, a face painting station, a station where the kids could play a game after answering a review question based on the lessons we’ve been having, a bean bag toss station, and then an area where Finley and the kids danced.

One girl’s parents came for family weekend. Her dad helped her with a station and her mom volunteered to take Ms. Toni all over on errands.

Brookside (Jaci)

Myself and another LU student name Rich were able to drive a lady named Jess to Kroger so she could cash her check. Another LU student spent most of the morning talking to her [Jess’] husband and the kids were near by playing with other students. It was pretty exciting because they don’t normally leave their doorway or let the kids come out while we are there, but today all four of them spent the entire time with us.

We also had another weekend of intense four square which is always good!

College Hill (Grace)

This week was really awesome, I am truly so blessed to have such great volunteers. We were able to play an organized relay race which was tons of fun! Because of the holiday I went and got candy and apple cider. We had enough candy to give a bag to each kid and a cup or two of cider. We had a lot of new people (specifically guys) who brought a lot of needed energy and passion.

Yoder (Alyssa)

Deidre and I had a lot of volunteers Saturday at Yoder. Finley gave us some people and we had a large number to begin with. Thankfully, we had lots of kids too!!! Deidre had us all split up into groups and go out farther than we usually do spreading the word about Cserve. De said that the flyer [to connect with the community about how CampusSERVE can help them] should be ready for next week! We are both SO excited about it.


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a six year CampusSERVE volunteer and current director

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